Link Google Play and Google Ads accounts


When you link your Google Ads account to your Google Play Developer account, you can show ads to your app users without setting up a remarketing tag. For apps that use in-app billing, you can also use conversion tracking to automatically track when someone who’s clicked one of your ads makes a purchase in your Android app, without adding conversion tracking code to your app.

This article shows you how to link Google Play Developer accounts from your Google Ads account. It also covers managing link requests and linked accounts in your Google Ads account. For background about how the linking works, read About Linking Google Play and Google Ads accounts.

Before you begin


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Request to link AdWords and Google Play

In your AdWords account, you can request to link with as many Google Play Developer accounts as you’d like. You’ll be able to manage these linked accounts on your “Linked accounts” page in AdWords.

  1. Click the gear icon (), Account settings and click Linked accounts.

  2. Under “Google Play”, click View details >>.
  3. Click the red + Account button at the top of the page.
  4. Enter email address of the owner of the Google Play Developer account you’d like to link.
  5. If you’d like to add an additional message add it to the box below.
  6. Click Send request.

Approve Google Play link requests

Developers in Google Play can also request to link their apps to your AdWords account. These invitations will appear in the table on your “Linked accounts” page in AdWords.

  1. Click the gear icon (), then select Account settings and click Linked accounts.
  2. Click the gray View invite button.
  3. Review the invite text. Linking the accounts doesn’t grant administrative access to either account holder, and either you or the Google Play account holder can unlink the accounts at any time.
  4. To approve the link, click Approve.
  5. To reject this link, click Reject. If you want to link these accounts later, you’ll need to send a new link request.

Track link statuses

Link needs approval Needs your approval: The account owner from this Google Play developer account has requested to link to your AdWords account. You can approve or reject their requests.
Link is awaiting approval Awaiting Google Play approval: Your request has been delivered to the Google Play developer account. This status will update when they either accept or reject your link request.
Accounts linked Linked: Your AdWords account has been linked to this Google Play developer account, and the remarketing lists for the apps in the account have been activated.
Link has been removed Unlinked: Either the AdWords or Google Play account owner has unlinked the accounts. To re-link these accounts, send a new link request to the Play account owner.
Link has been removed Declined: Your link request was declined by the Google Play account owner.

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