Love without any conditions make me grow more!

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I need to say thanks to all of your love and keep it in my mind to remind everyday why I’m so growth more:

- Say thanks to Google (my current Boss): Before “Growth Hacking Training Workshop” in HCM City on December, 05 - 06”, I didn’t know how big Google’s Love for communities over the world. After training, I really understand this big love and why they must do something best, something always free, some big love without any conditions for people around the world. That’s why we have best-free things such as Gmail, Android, Search, Map, Google Doc, Chrome.

IMG_3240-compressed Google has been growth hacking us :)


- Thank to Marcus, your love for GBG Global so big :), you have given an opportunity to use magical things in marketing (Growth hacking) to make community grow more and grow strong.

12241376_10154324496118709_7051625921081339320_n Marcus is manager of GBG Global


- Say thanks to my Teacher - Jon Yongfook, your eBook is so great and actionable with 100 tactics for Growth Hacking ( You inspired me in special way with questions, small game, small talk, some gifts, some cake ;).

My teacher is so tall handsome and he's passive for Snapchat, Instagram ;) My teacher is so tall handsome and he's passive for Snapchat, Instagram ;)


- Say thanks to Mr. Dung, you’re always my hero ;). You take care everything, you always looking for special things. You often say special beer, special food, special coffee :). I can’t count how many special word you have been said. I only counted your heart so big :), so strong and so special <3.


- Thank Chamnan Muon,@Orm Rotha, Tú Anh Đỗ,@Vũ Văn Hiển,@Lyda Ngin,@Pich Virak,VanAnh PhamSamorn Tuon,@Trâm AnhYou have been made a lot of fun, talk, photo for me :), I couldn’t have a great training without you!

- Say thank to my mother, she has missed and desired me so much for coming back home. After that, when I come back, I have carried out a big of dirty cloth for her to clean :-p. I also didn’t buy any special gift for her :(. I know, I’m not a good little son :( but she’s always the best woman in my mind.

Love without any conditions make we Growth more. Receive Love more? we should give more

Some images of workshops "Growth Hacking"

We have lunch at Hoang Ty Restaurant

Morning coffee at Trung Nguyen

Have many funs in Nguyen Hue Street

Siêng Văn 24/09/2019, Cập nhật: 2 tháng trước
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